The Insider (Henrietta Martinez #1) - Ava McCarthy

The Insider (Henrietta Martinez #1) - Ava McCarthy

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A cutting-edge international debut thriller set in the world of hackers, techno-thieves and inside traders, for fans of John Grisham.

Henrietta 'Harry' Martinez lost her investment banker father, Sal, at a young age. He taught her everything he knew - about taking risks and calculating odds.

But Sal made a bad gamble when he went into business with 'The Prophet', an anonymous trader who claims Harry owes him, now her father's jailed for fraud. It's twelve million euros. Or her life.

With no money and little time, Harry must track down Sal's crooked partners and escape the people on her trail - journalists, police and hired killers. But Harry has her own skills, honed by her father, skills her enemies haven't anticipated.

Now, from the London Stock Exchange to the casinos of the Bahamas, the chase is on. The stakes are high. And the bets are off...

Please note this copy has light scuffs on the edges of the covers

ISBN: 0007285906

Size: Paperback, 496pages

Publisher: Harper

Published: 2009