Sykie - John Heffernan

Sykie - John Heffernan

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Sykie Martin sets off on an adventure to the Isle of Gloomb. Her mission – rescue The Princess.

She travels on the New Leaf, a beautiful white sailing boat, crewed by a bunch of strange characters: an Onion Lord, Mercurio the Cat, Keith the Scotch Terrier and Forgetful Bill the Porcupine, to name but a few.

They are a brave band, ready to fight. But nothing can prepare them for their reception by the evil, foul-mouthed Ratbreath!

Please note this copy is in near new condition with light scuffs on the edges of the covers.

ISBN 10: 073441501X

ISBN 13: 9780734415011

Size: Paperback, 176 pages

Publisher: Hachette UK

Published: 2014-02-26