Songs of my life - Bill Manhire

Songs of my life - Bill Manhire

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The Stories in Bill Manhire's Songs of My Life are tales of enchantment and dis-

They tell the truth about Paradise at the close of the twentieth century. Somewhere in this world there are cannibals, who seem to be French; elsewhere there are tourists, already queuing for the next attraction; and still the local people go on singing.

But whose songs are they singing?

Whose lives are they actually leading?

In this collection of sixteen stories, Bill Manhire turns inventive imagery and form to great advantage. The collection as a whole commands attention through Mr Manhire's worldly, irreverent vision. His voice is appealingly restless and seriously funny.

Please note this copy has light scuffs on the edges of the dust jacket

ISBN: 9780908877829

Size: Paperback, 246 pages

Publisher: Godwit