Sharpe's Company(Sharpe #13)  - Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe's Company(Sharpe #13) - Bernard Cornwell

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It was a hard winter. For Richard Sharpe it was the worst he could remember. He had lost his command to a wealthy man - a man with money to buy the promotion Sharpe coveted. And from England comes his oldest enemy - the ruthless, indestructible Hakeswill - utterly determined to ruin Sharpe.

But Sharpe is determined to change his luck. And the surest way is to lead the bloody attack on the impregnable fortress town of Badajoz, a road to almost certain death - or unimagined glory...

Please note this copy has light creases  and fading on the spine and light scuffs on the edges of the covers

ISBN: 0006165737

Size: Mass Market Paperback, 280 pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

Published: 1983