Savvy. Ingrid Law (Savvy #1) -  Ingrid Law

Savvy. Ingrid Law (Savvy #1) - Ingrid Law

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For Mibs Beaumont's family, the day of their thirteenth birthday could be an adventure or a disaster. It's when they get their savvy - an extra-special talent and know-how. Her brother Rocket is Mr Electric, he can send static shocks from the other side of the room, just for fun...

But on Mibs' special day, their Poppa lies in a coma in hospital, and she has to reach him. The only way to get there is on the pink Bible bus, so, adventure or disaster, Mibs is getting on that bus. And who could guess what might happen then?

Please note this copy is an uncorrected proof and has some light scuffs on the edges of the covers.


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