Opera's farthest frontier: A history of professional opera in New Zealand - Adrienne Simpson

Opera's farthest frontier: A history of professional opera in New Zealand - Adrienne Simpson

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Today, we can enjoy opera on radio, compact disc, or video at the press of a switch; and New Zealand opera singers such as Malvina Major, Kiri Te Kanawa, Donald Mcintyre, and many others, are household names. But for nineteenth-century New Zealanders, often living in isolated areas, seeing opera presented on the stage by a touring company was their only opportunity to experience this most dramatic, popular and involving of musical forms. The idea of resident companies based in the main centres did not emerge until well into this century. Now, professional live opera is an accepted and well-patronised part of the urban entertainment scene.

Opera's Farthest Frontier - the first history of opera in New Zealand - tells the exciting and highly entertaining story of professional opera in this country, from its beginnings in gold-rush Dunedin in 1862, to its ever-growing popularity with present day audiences.
Adrienne Simpson, New Zealand's foremost writer on opera and an internationally published author, describes with verve and authority the many colourful companies and characters that have contributed to the growth of professional opera in this country. Also revealed in this fascinating and well-illustrated account are the changing attitudes to opera over the years, and insights into the entertainment world as a whole.

Opera's Farthest Frontier will delight both opera lovers and all those who are interested in New Zealand's social and cultural past.

Please note this copy has light scuffs on the edges of the dust jacket and light fading on he edges of the dust jacket.

ISBN: 9780790005119

Size: Hardcover, 288 pages

Publisher: Reed

Year: 1996