House on the Range (Edge #45) George G. Gilman

House on the Range (Edge #45) George G. Gilman

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They call it a hotel but any man not born yesterday knows a whorehouse when he sees one. The last place Edge ever expected to see one was out in the Arizona desert.

A glorious mansion, and a fleet of gorgeous woman. Beyond that, The Come and Go is no ordinary brothel.

Edge has never had anything against a pretty woman, let alone a bundle of them, but these don’t come free; you’re lucky to get out alive.

Like most traps, The Come and Go is sinfully easy to fall into, and devilishly hard to get out of…

Please note this copy has light creases on the edges of the covers.

ISBN: 0450056104

Size: Mass Market Paperback, 144  pages

Publisher: New English Library

Year: 1983