Homeplaces: Three coasts of the south island of New Zealand -  Keri Hulme & Robin Morrison

Homeplaces: Three coasts of the south island of New Zealand - Keri Hulme & Robin Morrison

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"A homeplace can be tiny - or range over hectares, fathoms, miles... It may contain the myriad creatures of earth and heaven. Ideally it is haven, and storehouse, and treasure hoard; shelter for your family, your guests and yourself, the home where you are at ease in your most intimate moments ..."

From highly acclaimed photographer Robin Morrison and Booker-McConnell Prize winner Keri Hulme, a stunning partnership of words and pictures that pays tribute to Keri Hulme's 'homeplaces', three favoured places of the heart in which the writer lives and works - On the West Coast, Okarito, a former goldrush settlement with a population barely reaching double figures, but teeming with wildlife.

To the east, Moeraki, whose boulder-strewn beaches and remains of ancient habitations eerily contrast with its modern fishing port.

And on the southernmost margin of New Zealand, the fiercely elemental Stewart Island.
Part prose, part waiata, visually redolent,

HOMEPLACES powerfully evokes the potency of New Zealand's South Island and its fish, fowl and human coastdwellers — a brief but candid unveiling of private lives and worlds.
"I know this place [Moeraki] as well as I know my own body, and better than I know my own mind. It is where I've done most of my growing up. It is where I'd prefer to be buried, here among ancestral bones.

I love it better than any place on Earth. It is my turangawaewae-ngakau, the standing-place of my heart..."

Please note this copy has light scuffs on the edges of the dust jacket and a neat inscription on the inside page.

ISBN: 0340508310

Size: Hardcover, 131pages

Publisher:Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 1989